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关于举办Yangguang Tian博士学术报告的通知
2024-05-13 14:33  

应我校bet356亚洲版体育官网邀请,英国萨里大学Yangguang Tian博士将于516日来我校做学术报告,欢迎广大师生参加!报告的具体安排如下:

报告题目:Reconstructing Chameleon Hash: Full Security and the Multi-Party Setting

人:Yangguang Tian博士



要: Chameleon hash function differs from a classical hash function in a way that a collision can be found with the knowledge of a trapdoor secret key. CH schemes have been used in various cryptographic applications such as sanitizable signatures and redactable blockchains. In this work, we reconstruct CH to ensure advanced security and usability. We propose the first CH scheme, which supports full security, meaning the inclusion of both full indistinguishability and full collision-resistance. These two properties are required in the strongest CH security model in the literature. We also investigate the security of CH in the multi-party setting and introduce the new properties of claimability and deniability under this setting. In this talk, I will introduce our new proposed CH scheme, which will be presented at AsiaCCS’24.

报告人简介:Dr. Yangguang Tian received his PhD degree in Applied Cryptography from the University of Wollongong, Australia. After PhD, he did post-docs at School of Information System, Singapore Management University, and iTrust, Singapore University of Technology and Design. Before Surrey, he was a research-based assistant professor at Osaka University, Japan. He is currently a lecturer at the University of Surrey, UK. His research interests include applied cryptography, network security, blockchain technologies and privacy-preserving technologies. Dr. Tian’s recent research works have been published in the cybersecurity-related international conferences and journals, such as USENIX’24, AsiaCCS’24, IEEE TIFS’23, IEEE TDSC’24, etc.

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